Almas Dedanwala-Shaik

Company: Legacy Glass

Field: Manufacturing

Location: Dubai, UAE

Market: UAE

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram

Mompreneur Tribe

About Almas Dedanwala-Shaik

Turning a new chapter after 25 years of work in the corporate world – venturing into the world of Entrepreneurship, came the conception of Legacy Glass – a marketing office for the 3 factories owned by family back in India.  Marketing office – means putting my skills to use to drive my own business – and what a new chapter it has been. Learned that Entrepreneurship does not lend only to your skill set but you have to develop all skills sets – sales, finance, Human resources, negotations, order management, to name a few. But the journey is still its nascent stages (just under 2 years old) and have a lot to learn and unlearn along with way. 
Legacy Glass focusses on all kinds of Glass and mirrors work solutions – we work with our customer as a problem solver to make sure that they have the right solution for their requirement. 

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