Mariam Alkassab

Company: ELM Global Education

Field: Education & Training

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Market: North America

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About Mariam Alkassab

As a mother and an advocate of early childhood learning intervention, knowing that the first few years of a child’s life are a critical period in development, combining my 25 years experience in space design and education was a result in which inspired the Elm childhood development program that can benefit each child in the comfort of their homes by creating their own space, at school to learn and develop, or play …. simply be free to explore the world as is. Through the love of interior design, retail, and education, I have been blessed to combine all that I love through the venues I design and operate, the homes I am invited to, and the experiences they provide by creating lasting benefits. My life purpose is to educate as many children as I possible can through the space I create, leaving my legacy behind through all the little souls I inspire and help thrive.

About ELM Global Education

Based on the inclusive Montessori philosophy of childhood development combined with the innovative Kidz Venture edutainment system, ELM has designed, operated, supported charity foundations, an excess of 150,000+ children across the globe to date. Kidz Venture UAE in 2012, it quickly became a success, attracting parents searching for a Centre that will not only improve school readiness, but nurtures social, emotional and intellectual growth.

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