Nicoleta Mocranschi

Company: Insighton Digital

Field: Marketing

Location: Dubai, UAE

Market: UAE

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram

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About Nicoleta Mocranschi

My name is Nicoleta Mocranschi and I am the founder of Insighton Digital, company specialised in Digital Marketing. After more than 19 years working in the Marketing field for two industries airline and financial, I decided 3 years ago to start my own business. Years in a row I was on the client-side working with digital marketing suppliers and I guess this business came out from my insights as a client and from a never resting passion for this field. I handle big accounts but I also work with entrepreneurs and small companies all over the world to help them dive into the digital world. I would love to guide in your digital journey and learn how to create digital marketing strategy and content to: Become unforgettable online Master your business Grow&glow with every step Here I am. Feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to share my knowledge and experience with you.

At Insighton Digital, we create digital marketing content and strategy for small and medium companies. We’re a rather shy bunch of people and we’re not great at promises. We deliver instead – timely, diligently, accurately, within the best ratio price/quality. And while we grant results with the best tools, our mind doesn’t take anything for granted. Take our word for that!

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