Rebecca Johnston

Company: Be Naturally Fit

Field: Coaching & Consulting, Health & Wellness

Location: North Vancouver, Canada

Market: Global but mostly North America

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram

About Rebecca Johnston

I’m Rebecca, a fitness professional, healer and founder of BeNaturallyFit living in Vancouver, BC. The philosophy behind BeNaturallyFit is about connecting women on their journey to a happier, healthier lifestyle through knowledge and empowerment. My goal is to provide you with knowledge and continuing support to create your own unique nutrition, fitness and spiritual practices for lasting results. With my unique approach, I incorporate various health and wellness practices including fitness, holistic nutrition, mindfulness, meditation and kundalini yoga to help you align with your best self and activate a healthy mind, body and spirit relationship. You can find balance within the chaos and be the master of your own health and wellbeing. As a leading voice and coach in the spiritual and mindfulness space, it is my greatest passion to help women step into their power and gain more confidence and clarity on their purpose and path.

My company is for women looking for coaching in hormonal health, fitness and mindset. I offer 1;1 and group training thought my various programs and Virtual Studio

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