Ruqya Khan

Company: SMILETASTIC Lifestyle Coaching

Field: Coaching & Consulting

Location: Sharjah, UAE


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About Ruqya Khan

My name is Ruqya Khan. I have always known myself to be a wordsmith. With more than 20 growing years of media experience I fully understand the power of stories and what we tell ourselves. In a conversation I listen beyond the said. I have been into personal development since 2011. I am a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and Timeline therapy. I am certified by the International Coach Federation and will soon acquire my PCC level certification. I immensely believe in the power of gratitude and acceptance ???? and help individuals and corporate teams get from feeling stuck to unstuck using a simple but effective 5 step formula which is my unique S.M.I.L.E. strategy. I coined this formula for my TEDx talk in 2016 and have presented my mindset training workshops across 7 different countries and many audiences. I work successfully in the corporate space but what truly nourishes my soul is when I can support build parent-child relationships because all love begins here. I also do inner child work through 1:1 life coaching sessions for those of us who had to grow up too fast!

SMILETASTIC Lifestyle Coaching is currently run by a one woman army – me (Ruqya). I run mindset training workshops/webinars and seminars for corporate space, at education hubs and for parents. Mastermind Group Coaching programs are also conducted. Plus I also conduct 1:1 coaching for those who would prefer a more personalized approach to their goals and outcomes.

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