Safa Tayebi

Company: Womenswear Clothing

Field: Fashion

Location: Dubai, UAE

Market: Dubai

Mompreneur Tribe

About Safa Tayebi

My name is Safa, I was born and raised in Iran, I moved to uk at the age of 22 got married and started to pursue my dream which was study fashion and Design at college followed by University! During my study Ive done so many work placements and internships and took part in many competitions, I won the award for the young designer of the year 2014 in the Uk . Since graduation I have started to start my own fashion line, at the same time both me and my husband were looking fo an adventure we decided to move to Dubai???? Once we moved to Dubai the identity of my brand has changed so I had to start again! meanwhile I got a job at fashion house and was a freelancer at a fashion event organiser! but then again after less than a year being in Dubai things got a bit out of hands as I found out I was having a baby and being pregnant and having 2 other jobs made me to hold on to my business… Two hand a half years later I am a full time mum , love being a stay at home mum(mostly lol) but I think it is about time to come back to my business.


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